This documentary is the story of four Chinese adopted teenage girls and how they navigate the complexities of hope, loss, uncertainty and reunion.  There’s so much I could say about this movie, but what I want to speak to right now is the way that this movie has started the conversation.  For colleagues of mine, this movie was the first real glimpse they’d had into international adoption.  Even if they’ve seen adopted kids and teens in therapy, and are comfortable working with adoption issues, this movie deepened their understanding of what it means to be Asian and adopted in America.  The fact that this movie is so widely viewed, increases its impact.

The more we can bring these stories into the light, the more “mainstreamed” we’ll be as a community of adoption.

By the way, in the movie, I appreciated the conversation with the adult Korean adoptee.  Chinese adoption is young in years and it’s important for communities not to be too separate.  There’s so much to learn from each other.

Learn more about “Somewhere Between” here.