In the years that I’ve done this work, I’ve seen that there are many competent therapists out there, and many who can effectively engage with adolescents, and understand the number of issues that teens face on a daily basis.

What I’ve also seen, though, is that there is a gap in services for adoptive parents, especially as the kids become “tweens” and “teens.”  As an adoptive parent, even when you’ve found a therapist your teen connects with (which isn’t always easy!) and maybe you’ve even found an individual therapist whom you trust, somehow, you find yourself left with so many questions about the numerous decisions you need to make with and about your teen on a daily basis.

What do I do when my teen…?

What do I say when my teen…?

And, those decisions do  matter, and can make all the difference.  The good news is that you can feel empowered and competent parent and can make decisions that are informed by the bigger picture-your family, adoption, teen hood, other stressors, etc.

The two groups that I’m currently offering are short-term, supportive, educational, and applicable in an everyday way.  Sometimes you can see the changes and sometimes you can just feel them, but it really can make all of the difference.

Here what one mom said about her experience in the group:

“there were some micro-interventions I learned which empowered me and potentially had a positive effect.  For example, being more direct with my teen when I thought he might be keeping a secret from me.   I also really liked the theoretical framework presented in the beginning, and the discussion about being savvy bupropion 150 mg.”

— parent of two teens adopted through foster care —

Specifics For The Groups:

For Adoptive Parents of Teens (9th-12th graders).  Five Thursdays, to begin on Jan 16, 10:15-11:30.  3 openings left.

For Adoptive Parents of “TWEENS” (5th-8th graders)  Five Thursdays.  Begins Jan 16, 12:30-1:45.

Each group is a one-time fee of $250.

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