Consultations for parents – 1.5 hours. In person, phone or online. Currently, I use Skype and Zoom.

This may be helpful:
If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know what direction to take.
If you’re confused about whether or not ongoing psychotherapy is necessary.
If you sense like you’re missing something but don’t know what it is
If your relationship with your child teen or young adult has gone downhill and want to repair it.
If you know what you want to say but can’t figure out what words to use.
If you feel dis-empowered and worn out.
I can address these questions in a parent consultation –
As an adoptive parent, which direction do do you need to go in?
Is this mostly about adoption, teen hood, parents or a combination?
Is this a problem?
What does your child, teen or young adult need from you right now and why?
How can you meet those needs?
What do you need to know about yourself in order to do that?
I’m also looking for strengths and liabilities. Stress, family history, known adoption history. Emotional and/or physical vulnerabilities.