’ve been struck lately by the promises that are made these days –

Change Your Life In 30 Days!

Never Work Again!

Make Your Child’s Tantrums Disappear Forever

etc, etc.

Who knows, maybe there are claims that come true, but in general, life doesn’t work that way.  And, yet, I know how impatient we are these days, I know how much input we’re wading through, and more and more, people want results.  And, I can’t do that.  I can’t say with certainty that your family will turn over a new leaf after coming in to see me, or everything in life will just fall into place, after being troubled for so long.  And, I can’t guarantee that your relationship with your child or teen, or parent, or boyfriend will be closer than ever, but I what I can tell you is that if you put in effort, time and are open to being helped, the ways that people and families can change, can be inspiring!

This was how the idea of “parenting within your means” developed for me.  Just as “living within your means” refers to living within your budget, parenting within your means refers to thriving within who you are as a parent.  The job is so hard and so never-ending, with unbelievable responsibilities.  It can leave us feeling scared and wrestling with pangs of inadequacy.  We often wish that we were a different kind of parent.

But, when I work with parents, I am very interested in the strengths they have and how that distinguishes their identity as parents.  Parents bring so much history, wisdom, knowledge and insight to the table, and I know that it’s possible not just to get through the day, but to thrive.  I know this because I’ve had the privilege of helping families to get there, again and again.

I don’t know what thriving looks and feels like for you, as a parent.  But, I am confident that things can get better, maybe even much better, in ways that you couldn’t have imagined.  Change that seems miraculous isn’t always the kind that stands the test of time.  I prefer the non-miracle variety, the kind that takes time.  You can still see it, but it feel so real that you can barely remember how bad it was before.