The experience of being adopted can be ongoing or hit like a ton of bricks. Either way, it’s often linked with other life stresses and life transitions. For nearly 20 years, Katie Naftzger has been passionate about helping adoptees and families better their lives. Katie offers psychotherapy and consultations for adoptees and parents through the life cycle. 

Her life as a Korean-Adoptee enriches and informs her work. Adoption is the connecting thread but it’s the details that make each family unique.

Parenting in the Eye of the Storm

The Adoptive Parent’s Guides to Navigating the Teen Years


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Another Survival Issue For Adopted Teens

Suicide - Another Survival Issue For Adopted Teens I've described the adoption story for some as one of survival. Adoptees survived a tenuous situation that others did not. Adoptees will often go to great lengths not to be abandoned again. Originally, they feared not...

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Reflections – Start Where You Are

I've been reminded through my work with families this week that all you can do is start where you are. No more, no less. Even when you believe that you should have known better, or when your best doesn't feel like enough, you can make peace with it. We're all...

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