“My adoption experience is broad and deep. I am Korean-born, internationally and transracially adopted. My life experience informs my work, and my work informs my life. My interest in helping others began long before I became a therapist. Although I can’t confirm this, doing this kind of work with individuals and families was in my blood, as the saying goes.

My adoptive parents were loving, kind and compassionate. But they didn’t know what my younger sister, also Korean and adopted, and I needed, especially during the teen years. My parents learned the hard way that love is not enough. They would be the first to tell you that, if they could go back, they would have parented us differently.

My first life lesson—it won’t get any easier.
This is the book they needed.”

—excerpt from Parenting in the Eye of the Storm: The Adoptive Guide to Navigating the Teen Years.

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