Hello, adoptive parents!  I’m a Korean-born, internationally, transracially adopted mother, wife and therapist.  I work with adoptive parents and their families, through the life-cycle.  My mission is for adoptive parents to feel empowered and confident in raising their family.  As you already know, being an empowered mom is easier said than done. Raising a family and maintaining your sanity is always difficult, but when you add adoption into the mix, it can make family life downright confusing and overwhelming. But, it’s worth the struggle and there are times when we go the extra mile and it pays off.  Picking out that perfect birthday card, potty training for the second time, mom’s groups, you name it. And, then there are those other times when it seems like you are unraveling and you’re taking your family down with you!  For me, it was the heel sandwich I gave my kids for lunch, or those long winter weeks when I was so sick that it was difficult to function, much less take care of the kids.

Adoption, particularly international adoption is young, and rare.  We don’t have several generations under our belt and are figuring things out as we go.  I have seen a lot!  Not everything, of course, but a lot.  I have led kids in group settings, I’ve done adoption groups, adoptive parent groups, therapeutic boys groups, adolescent girls groups, I’ve seen adoptees at Children’s Hospital, at The Brookline Community Mental Health Center, where I worked for several years.  I’ve seen them at Wediko, a residential treatment center in a camp setting, and of course, in my therapy practice.  And, I’ve seen adopted adults.  Many have searched and found, some have searched and lost and others haven’t searched at all.  I’ve seen self-loathing that is challenging to penetrate, but possible.  And, I’ve seen adoptive parents.  Parents in groups, parents at conferences that I’ve spoken at, parents in my practice and parents on the phone.  I have been with them during the successes and the failures and the helplessness.  I’ve seen our hard work pay off when they had almost given up hope.  And, I’ve seen my own parents struggle with the challenges of parenting me and my sister when there was little advice or guidance, except to love them.  They learned the hard way, that love isn’t enough.  We know more than we did then but the learning doesn’t stop.

Through this website, I will share with you what I’ve learned along the way and feel free to do the same!  I’d love to hear from you!

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