I’ve presented at a number of organizations and have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing hundreds of adoptive parents in a range of settings, including in my own family.  Along the way, I’ve seen that there is a gap in services.  Many adoptive parents have found good therapists for themselves and/or their adopted teen, but continue not to have the answers and insights that they need to get back on track.  This is scary, because, they know better than anyone, the stakes just got higher.  Now, it’s about safety, career, serious relationships, and adulthood, which is just around the corner.  It’s not the best time to “wing it” yet, adoptive parents often find themselves doing just that.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Why groups for adoptive parents?  What about the adopted teens?  In order for adopted teens to feel empowered, adoptive parents also need to feel empowered.  And, with so many questions, so few answers, and not many people to talk with, it can be difficult to get there.

These groups are a chance to talk about what’s important right now – creating the empathic conversation, setting limits and expectations that are reasonable and enforceable, and facilitating an empowered stance that can serve as protective for adopted teens as they venture into adulthood, which will happen, whether they leave home or not.

I also know that adoptive parents have had a range of experiences in talking with other adoptive parents.  Many have felt burned, criticized and attacked.  This group is different.  It’s safe and supportive, with opportunities to learn and to listen.  It’s amazing what four weeks can do.  Small changes can shift things in a whole new direction.

Groups start Friday!