Group FAQs

Group FAQs

How can I choose between online and local groups?

What’s nice about the online Skype groups is that it’s more private and each meeting will be recorded so you’ll have access to that as well. You have the option to be on-screen but can choose not to do that, too. The benefit of the local groups is to be in person.

What is the format of an online group?

The online groups are via Skype so you would make sure that you have Skype installed on your computer/phone and e-mail me your name and phone number and I’ll call you at group time.

What is the format of the group?

The group meetings will be an hour and fifteen minutes. We tend to start by checking in and discussion then I will spend 15-30 minutes presenting the material followed by discussion. Of course, each group meeting varies according to the people, topic, etc.

Who are the groups geared for?

The groups are geared for adoptive parents of teens (ages 12-19) but adoptive parents of younger or older kids are also welcome to join! Some parents have children who act more like teens. Others have young adults who act more like teens, so it’s up to you!

Will the information be different from the book?

Yes and no. Certainly the themes and the structure of the group will be similar to the book but the discussions and material will be focused on specifics such as exactly what to say in a number of situations.

Are the groups confidential?

I ask adoptive parents to avoid identifying information such as names, countries and towns in regard to the group and to respect the privacy of others. But, it’s more of a supportive, educational group than a therapy group, although there is certainly overlap. But, it’s different because therapy groups are for those who need therapy and these groups are not. These groups are for any adoptive parent who wants to feel more informed and empowered.

What is the goal of the group?

My goal is for adoptive parents to finish the group feeling more empowered and informed with tools they can apply in their daily life.

What is the cost?

The cost of each meeting is $50.

How do I register?

You can register for however many group meetings you’d like by simply clicking below.