What experience do you bring to your work that distinguishes you from other adopted adults and clinicians?

I have been dedicated to the adoption community for nearly 20 years know what makes families tick.  I have a tremendous amount of experience leading adoption groups, adoptive parent groups, workshops at conferences and national organizations.  I’ve helped hundreds of adoptive families and yet, I know that each family is different.  I listen first and talk second.

The relationship between adoptive parents and their son or daughter is very important to me.  When parents come to me for help and guidance, it is often because one or more members of the family feel disempowered, misunderstood and at a loss.  My hope is to help families to develop a way for everyone to feel empowered.

Who do you see in your psychotherapy practice?

I see individuals and families, including adoptive parents, families and adult adoptees. I also do a lot of couples’ work for couples who would like to improve their relationship and communication.


Will you be offering other groups and other learning opportunities for adoptive parents?

Yes, currently I’m offering two groups for adoptive parents – one local and one online. 


What do you charge?

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