remember the first time Serena and Venus Williams played each other in a major match.  Serena had the edge, but could not clinch it.  The announcer commented, “She doesn’t want to beat her big sister.”

Adoptees deserve to have amazing relationships, the opportunity to get married, or partnered, to have kids by birth or through adoption.

Adoptees deserve to be happy and content.

Adoptees deserve to enjoy what they have.

Adoptees don’t have to feel guilty that they can choose to have it all, a choice that their mother(s) may not have had.

It doesn’t work to sacrifice your life to be loyal to those before you.  It also doesn’t work to feel burdened to live for them, either.  You need to live on your own terms.  Sometimes it’s hard to separate what you want from what others want for you, or from you, but it’s worth it.